Botox v. Dysport

Botox v. Dysport

Botox v. Dysport

Kathy Haney is a Master Certified Injector and was one of the first to use Dysport in America.


·         Need less amount of product for similar results

·         Bigger sized molecule

·         Good for smaller, more specific areas


·         Relax muscles to provide a more youthful appearance

·         contains botulinum

·         very safe

·         provide similar results

·         one might work better for some than the other

·         as always, the injector is more important than the product.


·         was used mostly in Europe until relatively recently

·         Botox competitor

·         Smaller sized molecule

·         Different unit measurement

·         See results faster!

·         Diffuses more, so it is better for wider areas

·         A bit less expensive

·         Sometimes when someone is resistant to Botox, Dysport will work for them

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